Additional Q & A

Q 1: What should be written under section “Investments” in JeMS?
A: This section is dedicated to the description of all investments, meaning purchase of equipment and/or infrastructure and works, carried out by the project in the Programme area (for a more comprehensive definition of these concepts and for more details, please see the Applicant`s Guide).
Please have in mind that each investment should have a logic on its own, independently from other investments. You can define maximum 20 investments/project.
Expenditure (for works and/or equipment) NOT LINKED with an Investment in JeMS, WILL NOT be considered as Investment and WILL NOT be taken into consideration for the fulfillment of the condition that at least 50% of the project budget is dedicated to investments.
For SO 2.1 and SO 2.2, the information introduced in this section is also important for the “Outputs” section in JeMS, meaning that the number of investments defined in JeMS for a project will become the contribution of the output to the achievement of the output indicator, namely the cumulative target value for the defined output/s. For ex: one project defines 5 specific investments in the health area, and defines 2 outputs (related to the output indicator PSO 03 – Investments in health care, family-based and community-based care services, which is also the only output indicator set for this Specific Objective). This means that the cumulative value of the targets set for the 2 outputs will be 5 (the no. of investments).

Q 2: What are the outputs and what are the output indicators?
A: The outputs are defined by the project based on the activities envisaged by the project.
Their role is help link the contribution of the project to the implementation of the Interreg IPA Romania-Serbia Programme, specifically to its output indicators (defined by the Programme). This is the reason why the projects outputs share the same measurement unit as the Programmes output indicator which each project selects.
When setting the title of the outputs and when describing them, please be aware of the measurement unit automatically triggered by the output indicator selected. This measurement unit also applies to the output.

You can define more outputs which contribute to the same output indicator, but you cannot define more than 10 outputs/ project.
The target set for each output should be realistic (in line with the conditions set in Annex A – Guide for indicators (, keeping in mind that all the conditions described in relation to the Programmes output and result indicators also apply to the projects outputs and results).
For the projects submitted under Specific Objectives 2.1. and 2.2, please also check Q1.

Q 3: What should be written under section “Activities” in JeMS?
A: The section “Activities” in JeMS is dedicated to describing what the project proposes to do in order to achieve its specific objective and to highlighting each partner`s contribution to the implementation of the project.
It also includes brief information related to the investments described in the previous section in JeMS “Investments”, in order for this section to provide a general overview on the project.
You can define maximum 20 activities per project and for each activity you can described up to 20 deliverables (side-products or services that contribute to the achievement/development of a project output).

Q 4: How to set the targets for the results?

A: The starting point is to check the Guide for indicators ( and identify the measuring and reporting time for each indicator your project contributes to. It could be:

  • 1 year after project completion, meaning that the target will be set depending on the achievement envisaged by reached your project during the 1-year period after the project has ended (for example, for RCR 104, it would mean the number of pilot actions which have been take-up or up-scaled by other organizations until the expiration of the 1-year period after the completion of the project)
  • at project completion, meaning that the target will be set depending on achievement envisaged by your project to be reached when the project will be completed.

Please also pay attention to the conditions/requirements mentioned in the Guide for indicators, keeping in mind that these also apply to the project`s outputs and results (for example: specific supporting documents or special monitoring activities required).

Pay special attention to what each indicator is measuring (information is provided by the Guide for indicators), otherwise your project might not contribute to the selected indicator and WILL NOT be selected for financing.

Please set a realistic target, in correlation to the resources and activities carried out by the project!

Q 5: Both in the Performance Framework Overview and in the Final Interreg IPA Romania-Serbia Programme, under sections 2.1.n.6, there is the indicative breakdown of the EU Programme resources by the type of intervention (intervention field). Does it mean that project applications should take into consideration the amount provided for the priority, specific objective and the Intervention field code mentioned in these documents, when planning the budget? It could be quite limiting in relation to the range of total project budgets presented in the Applicant Guide.

Specifically, potential applicant is planning the project in Priority 1, SO 1, Code 077, where the indicative budget is EUR 363.114, and their planned budget is EUR 1.500.000.

A: No, the budgetary split per intervention field does not need to be taken into consideration by the project applications. The amounts set for each intervention field are indicative and mentioned only in the programming documents because their purpose was to help the programme authorities design the joint programme strategy and set the targets for the programme indicators. Also, the project applications should not focus their attention on the 2029 targets set by the programme for each output indicator and result indicator (mentioned in the Applicants Guide under Section 1.2.4), but set the target values for the project`s outputs and results based solely on their activities and resources.