Interreg LISTENS, Communities THRIVE!

You are kindly invited to share your own experience with Interreg and join us for a better future!

The Interreg IPA Romania-Serbia Programme is a strong supporter of cooperation between our border regions. Our Programme encourages stakeholders and citizens to share their ideas, in order to collectively address them. We consider YOU as vital actors in building a more resilient, integrated and prosperous border area.

UNITED REGIONS AND EMPOWERED VOICES are at the core of the Programme. This is precisely why Interreg’s strength lies in YOUR INPUT. Co-creating success, one community at a time, is important for us.

To prepare for the future (post 2027), we are launching the process of consulting stakeholders and citizens living in the Programme area. In order to keep living up to YOUR expectations, please dive into the list of key questions below, especially designed to make the most out of your experience. The results will guide us in our journey to transcend national borders and create a successful story beyond the current programming period (2021-2027).


  • FOR STAKEHOLDERS – Please share your views by filling in all 10 questions designed for your category.
  • FOR CITIZENS – Please share your views by filling in the 5 questions designed for your category.


European territorial cooperation (often known as INTERREG), embodies a collaborative framework aimed at fostering cohesion and integration among European regions. The main focus for Interreg Programmes is to promote cross-border partnerships which enhance economic, social and environmental well-being.

By encouraging cooperation and synergies, Interreg contributes to a more harmonious European territory, by mitigating disparities between different territories. Interreg programmes support a wide range of initiatives (e.g. infrastructure projects, innovation endeavors, climate change adaptation, etc.), fostering a sense of solidarity among people and regions.

The Interreg IPA Romania-Serbia Programme area includes three counties in Romania (Timiș, Caraș-Severin and Mehedinţi), as well as six districts in Serbia (Severno Banatski, Srednje Banatski, Južno Banatski, Braničevski, Borski și Podunavski). In the current programming period (2021-2027), the total budget of the Programme is 87.725.681 EUR and finances projects on environmental protection and adaptation to climate change, healthcare and education, tourism and culture and border management.

The funding for these priorities is 85% from the Instrument for Pre-Accession assistance (IPA III), 13% Romanian state budget co-financing and 2% as own contribution of the Romanian beneficiaries. Serbian beneficiaries will provide 15% co-financing as their own contribution.